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MARCELLA MODERN DESIGN stands behind the quality of its products. If over the first six months of ownership you have any issues with the quality of the piece(s) you purchased, please contact us to discuss the problem so we may determine if you are eligible for repair or replacement. Damage due to contact with liquid or other external substances will void this warranty. Contact us at if you experience a problem with your jewelry and include a detailed explanation of the issue, as well as a photo of the piece you are referring to.



What does .925 sterling silver mean?
To make silver durable enough for use in jewelry, pure silver, which has a .999 fineness (99.9%), is often alloyed with small quantities of copper (7.5%). The copper is added to strengthen the silver and the resulting product is .925 sterling silver (92.5%). Acceptable quality marks for sterling silver include: sterling, sterling silver, ster, and .925.

Does sterling silver tarnish?
Yes. Tarnish is a dulling which naturally occurs when silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the air. The good thing is, it’s easy to buff and clean silver. Just a couple of minutes and your silver jewelry will look new again.

How do you care for sterling silver jewelry?
With proper care, your fine quality silver will last a lifetime. To minimize scratches and other damage, store your silver jewelry either in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box. Avoid exposing your silver to household chemicals when cleaning with bleach or ammonia, or when swimming in chlorinated water, as these chemicals can damage silver.

How do you clean sterling silver jewelry?
The best way to keep your silver jewelry clean is by wearing it often. However, humidity and storing the silver can tarnish the piece, also known as oxidation, which will give the silver a darkish black color. Tarnish is most easily removed when it first becomes visible. There are several methods to clean your tarnished silver. A popular method is to use a liquid silver cleaner that you can purchase at a jewelry store or a Walmart or Target. Put the piece of silver in the little tray, swish it around, and the original beautiful silver shine is restored. A silver polishing cloth formulated specifically to remove tarnish is also effective in cleaning silver jewelry. Another great method for cleaning sterling silver jewelry, especially when you don’t have silver cleaner or a polishing cloth at home, is toothpaste Put some toothpaste on an old toothbrush and gently rub the toothpaste into the silver. Let it sit for a few minutes and wash it off.

What is the difference between sterling silver and silver plated?
Sterling silver items contain a minimum of 92.5% pure silver. Silver-plated items are made of a lesser quality metal such as copper, brass, or nickel, and then covered with a thin layer of silver, making them less valuable than objects made of sterling. If you wear the jewelry in water and don’t care for it properly, the plating will eventually rub off.